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Hello there. I live with my husband, Scott Lindhurst, and our son Henry, in Granite Bay, California. I am a technical writer who is taking time off to be a full-time mom. Scott is a software developer at Parametric Technology. Picture of Lynne

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I was born in Davis, California and grew up there. My dad has worked at the University of California, Davis for more than 30 years.

My friends Dan and Rhonda have a page of their own, and so do Nick and Erica. My friend Jen has a great website where she plans regular gatherings for a merry group of Los Angelenos. If you live in LA (or even if you don't) check out her site!!

I went to college at Rice University and belonged to the Jones College class of '93. Here are some of the many people I met there:

After college I went to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and got a Masters in English Literature. Later I worked in Madison as a technical writer at Epic Systems Corp., a company that makes software for medical organizations.

After Scott finished grad school and we got married, we lived in Waltham, Massachusetts for several years. Scott began his career with PTC and I worked at NetScout Systems, a company that develops and sells networking software and hardware. We went to a wonderful church, First Lutheran and met many good people there, such as Heidi. In 2001 we moved (in my case, moved back) to my home state of California.

Sentimental Links

In high school I was an avid member of Davis's own Acme Theatre Company, a troupe of teenagers doing "serious theatre for the fun of it."

Here are some other cities where I've lived:

Scott and I met through Lutheran Campus Ministry in Madison. For our first date we went to a movie and then got some hard cider at the Memorial Union.

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